Toiyabe Public Health supports patients, Elders, and families to live a healthy life, including assisting patients in times of medical need. In addition to the WIC, Elders, and Community Health programs, Public Health also oversees the Pre-Diabetes Program, funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The program efforts include capacity building within Toiyabe to prevent Diabetes, and working with patients diagnosed or at-risk of pre-Diabetes.

Public Health staff are active in the community and in collaborations, including:

  • participating with the Team Inyo for Healthy Kids coalition
  • focusing on Emergency Preparedness
  • participating member of Head Start Health Advisory committee
  • offering staff trained in car seat installations
  • offering counseling in smoking cessation
  • hosting Women’s Health Day
  • participating in Pre Renal Taskforce
  • participating in Diabetes Multidisciplinary group

For general information about the Public Health Department contact:

Marjoree Neer, Public Health Director
Phone: 760-872-2622