The TIHP Title VI Elders Nutritional/Supportive Services is a program of Tribal government whose intent is to provide services to the Tribal Elders of the reservations and service areas. This program serves those with the greatest economic and social needs. These needs include low income, frail and impaired, geographically and socially isolated, and non-English speaking.  It is the program’s intent to improve the quality of life for our Elders through fostering an environment of quality, dignity, and pride.

Services are adjusted to elders needs, but generally include nutrition, information, cultural activities, traditional food gathering, referral, supportive services, care giving, transportation, respite, cross-cultural communication, and education. Services are provided to Elders ages 55 and older.

There is a vital, real and definite need to continue these much-utilized services to this age group.  These services enable Elders to participate in their rightful role as teachers to the people and increase the elders’ feeling of self-worth. In addition, these activities promote Elders in becoming more active members of their communities to help preserve and expand their cultural heritage.

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For information about the Elders Program contact: Rhonda Eddy