Medical services offered in Bishop, Lone Pine and Coleville include:

Comprehensive outpatient care including maternal child health, pediatrics, immunizations, sports medicine, and routine health maintenance care for all ages, allergy shots, routine periodic lab testing, orthopedics including

Medical Aide Station

trauma, fracture care including reductions and casting, geriatric medicine, management of common psychiatric disorders (i.e., anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression).


  • Routine diagnostic testing including pap smears and referrals for mammograms
  • Management of all forms of chronic disease (i.e., especially diabetes, chronic lung disease, COPD, hypertension, renal disease, cardiac disease, arthritis)
  • End of life care for the terminally ill who are bedridden at home, including home visits
  • Comprehensive family planning offering oral contraceptions, Depo Provera, barrier methods and IUD placement
  • Counseling and referral to outside providers for natural family planning and adoption
  • Monthly nursing home rounds for patients in nursing homes in Bishop
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common eye, ear, nose and throat diseases with referral as necessary to consultants
  • HIV/Aids counseling and testing services

Outpatient surgery

Skin and soft tissue tumors removed, laceration repair, incision and drainage of abscesses


Patient Rights Policy

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For general information about the Medical Department contact:

Summer Frazier, Chief Medical Officer

Phone: 760-873-8461