The dental staff at Toiyabe is fully trained in using advanced digital imaging and new dental materials, including bonded ceramic crowns.


1. Preventive Dentistry

Dental prophylaxis and scaling – the cleaning of teeth; the removal of stains, plaque, and calcified deposits from the surfaces of the teeth and restoration of the health of the supporting soft tissue and underlying bone of the mouth.

Oral hygiene instruction – instruction on proper tooth brushing and flossing; instruction on the prevention of dental disease – gum disease and dental cavities.

Dental Sealants – protective coating applied to the tops of the teeth which help to prevent dental cavities.

Prenatal visit – an important consultation period for a prospective parent in preventing the spread of dental disease from parent to child, or from siblings/peers to child.

One-year old visit – an important first step in evaluating the child’s oral health issues, parental counseling pertaining to the prevention of dental disease, and it allows the child to have a positive first dental health visit experience.

2. Oral Diagnosis

Examinations and dental x-rays, checking for dental caries, periodontal (gum) health, evaluation of potential “bite” problems including jaw function, oral cancer screening, evaluation of the patients overall health & medication use as it relates to their oral health issues.

3. Oral surgery

Simple and complex extractions; removal of bard and soft cysts; biopsy; dental implants.

4. Operative dentistry

Restoration of decayed teeth, removal of dental caries, occlusal adjustment, aesthetic dentistry.

5. Prosthetics

Removable full and partial dentures, fixed partial dentures (dental bridges) and crowns; crown/bridge placement on dental implants.

6. Endodontics

Root canal therapy; removal of advanced dental decay from the inner central canal of a tooth, sterilization and placement of a sealant material in the canal; pedo dental pulp treatment.

7. Periodontics

Evaluation of periodontal disease status, additional deep scaling of teeth involving removal of plaque and calcified deposits below the gumline, periodontal surgery, bone and soft tissue graft (guided tissue regeneration).

8. Pediatrics

The area’s only specialty trained pediatric dentist, courtesy of a First 5 Inyo grant.

9. Orthodontics

Limited to space maintenance and minor tooth movement.

10. Panoramic and Cephalometric dental x-rays


For general information about the Dental Department contact:

Parisa Payman, Dental Director
Phone: 760-873-3443