New Patient Eligibility

Toiyabe is accepting new patients at the following clinics for certain services:

– Bishop Clinic: medical patients

– Lone Pine Clinic: medical and dental patients

– Coleville Clinic: medical and dental patients

Toiyabe provides service to peoples of all ethnicities and races. Some programs and services offered are limited to our Native American patients only.


Types of Insurance Accepted

If you are a Native American patient, you may be eligible to enroll in our Purchased & Referred Care Program (formerly Contract Care) which can help pay for your healthcare costs. Find out more information below.

If you are a non-native patient, you do not need health insurance to be seen at our Lone Pine and Coleville Clinics. Our Lone Pine and Coleville Clinics provide low-cost, sliding scale healthcare services based on your income level. We try to make healthcare as affordable as possible for those in need of healthcare service, but we are not a free clinic. Staff at our Coleville Clinic can help you enroll in Covered California if you do not have insurance.

For a complete list of medical and dental insurances accepted, click here.


Purchased and Referred Care Program

Toiyabe Indian Health Project offers a financial healthcare support program for American Indians called Purchased and Referred Care (PRC). Eligible patients may receive specialty healthcare services with no out-of-pocket expense. How is eligibility determined? First, patients must provide documentation proving they are American Indians from native California tribes, or non-California Indians from federally recognized tribes currently living on reservations in California. Second, patients must reside within Toiyabe’s service area. Finally, patients must complete Toiyabe’s PRC application process. Note that applicants eligible for other types of healthcare resources such as Medi-Cal and Medicare must utilize these options prior to seeking PRC support. Why? The PRC program is through Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Services and is considered by mandate to be the payer of last resort. For more information on how you may benefit from this extraordinary program at Toiyabe Indian Health Project, please call 760-873-6111; or visit our Bishop Clinic and request a consultation with a PRC representative.


Patient Rights Policy

Click here to download the Patient Rights Policy.