It is important to evaluate the success and effectiveness of our projects. In this show we highlight best practices for conducting evaluation projects, like engaging community members in the process. Evaluation reports give program staff the information needed to make adjustments for future projects and funding.

James Napoles conducting the Farmers Market surveys in 2015.

James Napoles conducting the Farmers Market surveys in 2015.

In this episode, we talk with James Napoles, with the Bishop Paiute Tribe. James helped conduct surveys with the Farmers Market evaluation project in 2015. We talk with Cheyenne Stone, with the Big Pine Paiute Tribe. Cheyanne is promoting the Community Interview evaluation project in 2016. And we talk with Katie Larsen, Project Coordinator with our Community Wellness Program, who is overseeing the evaluation projects.

You can read more about our Community Wellness Program evaluation projects on our website.

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