We all want our community to be healthy, but how do we make this happen? We know that the environments where we are born, live, play, work and go through life affect our health. Having a mindset of health in all policies can make our communities healthier. In this show, we highlight examples of Tribal communities locally and across the nation adopting policies to affect the health of their people in positive ways.

In this episode, we talk with Susie Cisneros Vargas, Director of the Bishop Indian Head Start. Susie shares with us the steps she has taken to make the school healthy for her students, including adopting a healthy food policy, buying local and fresh produce, and incorporating nutrition curriculum into the classroom setting. Susie shares advice on adapting and changing the school environment.

Healthy food served at the Bishop Indian Head Start graduation.

Healthy food served at the Bishop Indian Head Start graduation.

Check out the Bishop Indian Head Start online, and find many links and resources to their policies, newsletters, and program work!

You can read the letter sent to parents of Bishop Indian Head Start students here.

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