In this show, we explore the idea of biking for transportation and recreation. Choosing to get around on bicycle can be good for your health and good for the environment. We talk about the local and national push to ride bikes during the month of May, and how bike checkout programs can encourage community members to ride bikes. We discuss how there can be barriers to riding your bike, like having the right equipment, being aware of safety, and community perception of riding bikes.

In this episode, we talk with Katie Moose, Wellness Monitor at the Big Pine Wellness Center, and Sage Romero, Outreach Coordinator with the Big Pine Paiute Tribe. The Big Pine Wellness Center was the first bike check-out program in the Eastern Sierra. Katie and Sage share how the bike program works and how the community uses the program. Bike programs can be a good intervention to remove barriers and encourage positive perceptions of biking behavior.

Katie and Sage on bikes

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