A food system is the path that food travels from field to fork. In this episode, we talk about our local food system efforts to grow food locally, highlighting two Tribal community gardens on the Bishop Paiute Tribe reservation and Fort Independence Tribe reservation. When people know where their food comes from, they get a sense of connection and place, and they can begin to care about their food, and care more about eating healthy.

In this episode, we interview Jen Schlaich, Food Program Specialist with the Bishop Paiute Tribe Food Sovereignty Program. Jen shares with listeners the plan for the 1/2 acre farm located west side of the Owens Valley Cultural Center in Bishop. The Food Sovereignty Program has plans to increase collaboration, partnering with the Bishop Indian Head Start and Bishop Paiute Elders Program to grow fruits and vegetables for their programs. Visit the Food Sovereignty Garden & Community Market facebook page for more information.

Jen Schlaich

We also speak with Richard Wilder, Fort Independence Tribal Elder with the Fort Independence Reservation Community Garden. Richard tells the story of how his grandparents always had a garden growing fields of beans and corn, and his grandma grew the best tomatoes. Richard shares with listeners his plans for the garden and what he is growing this year, with an invite to come on out to the community garden – everyone is welcome. “Pick an apple, pick a pear, it’s yours.”

Richard Wilder

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