Every August, the Family Services Department hosts the annual Trade Walk up Paiute Pass. The walk takes Native youth into the Sierra Nevada mountain range to trade with Native youth from the west side. By participating in the Trade Walk, youth learn the traditions of their ancestors and bring the tradition to modern times. The youth learn about the importance of connecting to wilderness and being physically active.


In this episode, we talk with Earl Lent III and Carrie Brown, Youth Prevention Workers with the Family Services Department at Toiyabe Indian Health Project. Earl shares his thoughts on the importance of youth participating in the Trade Walk, because it empowers them to have a sense of their skills, and gives them a feeling of achievement and accomplishment. Carrie highlights how this is the first year that female youth will participate in the Trade Walk. She shares how in participating, the young women learn their own strength, self-care, and how the quiet of the mountains allows time to walk, think and reflect.

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