The Community Wellness Program promotes health and wellness with community-based strategies that focus on Healthy Eating and Active Living. We hope as our partner you find these resources helpful and informational.

Ohodugwa’ nüümü – Healthy People NEWSLETTER

The Community Wellness Program publishes monthly newsletters for all of our community partners. Below is a list of archived newsletters, filled with health information, articles and videos. If you are interested in signing up for our newsletter, subscribe by clicking on the button below. We hope you will join us!

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Ohodugwa’ nüümü – Healthy People RADIO SHOW

The Healthy People Radio Show Season One was hosted by Kris Hohag and Serena Johnson in 2016. Each episode featured interviews with community members working to make our Tribal communities healthy and vibrant places to live. The show featured conversations on healthy eating and active living to inspire the listener with positive suggestions for change. Thanks for listening and have a healthy day!

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Reports and Press Releases

Interested in learning more? We write and produce many reports and press releases detailing the success of our projects. We hope you find the following interesting, and welcome any questions or ideas for partnering you might have! Click on each link below to read the document.


Increasing Access to Healthy Beverages One Water Station at a Time – PICH Success Story, 10.1.15

Increasing Awareness and Importance of Tobacco Prevention through Partnerships – PICH Success Story, 10.1.15

Bishop Community Garden: Building Healthy Communities through Family Formation – REACH Success Story, 10.1.15

Eastern Sierra Tribal Food Coalition: Improving Native American Food Systems – REACH Success Story, 10.1.15

REACH Projects in the Eastern Sierra of California – 7.7.16

Bishop Paiute Tribe Students Walk to School – PICH Success Story, 10.31.16

Tribal Communities Improve Access to Healthy Drinks One Water Station at a Time – PICH Success Story, 10.31.16

Eastern Sierra Tribal Food Coalition: Conversations on Food Sovereignty – REACH Success Story, 10.31.16

Green RX: A Community-Clinic Link Supporting Patients and Local Farmers Markets – REACH Success Story 10.31.16

Press Release

Schools Throughout Inyo County to celebrate Walk to School Day on October 7, 2015 – 9.30.15

Spring into Healthy Habits at the First Annual Nasuwunu-ti Health Fair – 4.19.16

Healthy Songs Featured in Concert at Big Pine Elementary – 5.9.16

Tobacco Cessation is a Top Priority in Tribal Communities – 6.9.16

84 Riders and Walkers Participate in Bike Month! – 6.14.16

New Website Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kids – 7.6.16

Toiyabe Indian Health Project Brings Bike Share to Bishop – 4.4.17


Evaluation of Projects

We assess the effectiveness of our projects and initiatives, in order to understand how a given intervention will improve the health and quality of life of community members. We will post updates, reports, and findings here to share with our community. This information helps guide our future programming and direction of our work.

Community Evaluation

Our Community Wellness Program conducted community interviews to better understand the current health status, health behaviors, and needs of the people we serve in 2016 and 2017. We are currently compiling the information we received, and will post reports and summaries here in fall of 2017.

Farmers Markets

Our Community Wellness Program collaborated with partners to improve the affordability of healthy foods, employ point of purchase signage, increase community members’ awareness of healthy food outlets and healthy food preparation, offer technical assistance to food retail outlets operating in food deserts, and implement communication approaches to increase awareness of location of healthy food options. Short-term intended outcomes of these farmers market interventions include reduced costs for, and increased knowledge and availability of, healthy foods.

>> CLICK HERE to download and view the Farmers Market 2015 summary

>> CLICK HERE to download and view the Farmers Market 2015 evaluation results

>> CLICK HERE to download and view the Baseline Report, published February 2016

 Walking and Biking Paths

Our Community Wellness Program are collaborating with partners to increase access to physical activity through walking and biking paths. and the availability of bicycle and walking paths. This work is being evaluated through an actual use assessment of  the number of persons visiting the paths.

>> CLICK HERE to download and view the PICH Baseline Report, published July 2016